Jay Cutler Memorial Run

Today was the Jay Cutler Memorial Run.

Last night was brutal. First night of designing the Washington newspaper, so naturally they had a shootout that left two people dead and two officers wounded in a Walmart parking lot. Mo blames Walmart.

Slammed all night, barely got to sleep when Mo said we needed to take BK to vet for an oil change or rabies or a tummy tuck or something. I wasn’t really awake. Hilariously, I drove. I remember nothing.

Still I wasn’t going to let this make me miss today’s run. It’s too important.

Sadly, the trainers and doctors advised me I could not run today. And who am I to question them?

Sure, some will doubt whether I really needed to sit this run out. But it IS a fact that I visited a medical facility and was sidelined shortly thereafter.

And I think I may have fleas now. Tomorrow’s run endangered …

(p.s. a personal note to mr. urlacher: i’m not really questioning mr. cutler’s toughness. please don’t hurt me.)

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8 Responses to Jay Cutler Memorial Run

  1. slowlearner says:

    Hello. I do have a question or two before I pass judgement on your apparent wimpiness. Do you recall any event in particular that lead to your medical impairment? Because I for the life of me did not see anything out of the ordinary. Also, if the third string runner turns out to be better than you, can we just leave him in?

  2. tosuperstar says:

    I know a way to get rid of the flea problem. Take a dip with BK at the vets today and that will do the trick, then you can run if ya so gett he itch to do so.

  3. sassafras says:

    I for one will not question your toughness. As I don’t want you to get teary eyed.

    sometimes we forget . . . it’s just a game . . . nobodys life is hanging in the balance
    unless you bet a grand on the Bears and Bruno knows where you live

  4. Jenster! says:

    If you were from Michigan you’d man up and make flea gu.

    • Maggynolia says:

      Yeah… while running in 3′ of snow… uphill… both ways…. wearing nothing but shorts and a heart monitor.

  5. Smalltownrunner says:

    Do you remember Toonces (the driving cat) from SNL about 15-20 years ago? This just reminded me of that..

  6. Maggynolia says:

    The piranhas can repel humans, surely they can repel fleas.

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