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Running with a birthday boy

Today’s the birthday of Brother the Younger. He’s a really cool guy. We don’t get to spend much time together. Life’s like that. But he’s always been there when I needed him. When we were kids, he launched a croquet … Continue reading

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No, dang it. I said I wanted a WENDY day.

So just how windy was it today? Check out the flagpole at the Incarnate Word Academy. OK, maybe it would have been more impressive if they’d been flying a flag. But trust me. Plenty windy. Piranhas turned 900 today (oops. … Continue reading

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A sign from God

Never again is what you swore the time before — No way was I going to be done with work in time for run. Then my boss, unaware of the GADZOOKS Challenge but noting how my head kept falling over … Continue reading

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Mustkrat Love declared NOT to be the worst song ever

I believe apologies are in order. Here’s the proof. Another midnight run coming up tonight. Ick. Whose idea was this, anyhow?

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I don’t think Bernadette Peters was actually playing that trumpet

Totally trashed today. The first time I’ve worried about the 15-minute cutoff. And four walkers were taking up the entire track. And the sprinklers kept going off randomly, seemingly aiming for me. And Superstar had some 20-somethings out with soccer … Continue reading

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