Mustkrat Love declared NOT to be the worst song ever

I believe apologies are in order.

Here’s the proof.

Another midnight run coming up tonight. Ick. Whose idea was this, anyhow?

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3 Responses to Mustkrat Love declared NOT to be the worst song ever

  1. Madiantin says:

    I notice Muskrat Love came in a firm second.
    I just got in from a fabulous 3 miles in perfect weather. I felt no pain. I repeat, no pain. Zero. Zilch. I think this is all your doing. I think if it weren’t for this challenge I’d be miserable on the injured list still doing the RICE thing. Instead I’m happy, painless, and dripping sweat all over the floor. Life is good! 🙂
    Thanks, Garbo. :). Hope your midnight run is just as fabulous. 🙂

  2. tosuperstar says:

    Don’t tell John Wayne, I suggested he sing that song to his wife during labor. My way of protesting his day off of running. Personally I aways felt Puppy Love by the Osmonds was the worst ever! Hopefully you won’t be singing, “after midnight, we’re going to let it”.

  3. Maggynolia says:

    OK, I just need to say that thanks to you, Rudolph, I have had “Seasons in the Sun” stuck in my head all day long.

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