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The boys are back in town

The nights are getting warmer, it won’t be long Won’t be long till summer comes Now that the boys are here again — Longtime readers will recall that I was forced to abandon the trusty Piranhas a couple of days … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter

Sure sign that spring is in the air … Mo came home today with her first box of Peeps. I love to explode them in the microwave. Sadly, these did not last long enough to make it there. (mo’s guide … Continue reading

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My day in review

woke up. drank coffee. ran. getting ready for work. hmmm. Mo may be on to something here … — today’s run 4.1 miles — 54:39 (13:21-130) 77 degrees,road/track 12:54, 13:20, 13:34, 13:36, 01:16

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Harumph. I also eat medium chocolate Frosties

“All you ever do is run and work,” Mo says. Only much later do I realize it wasn’t a compliment. — today’s run 4.1 miles — 54:41 (13:19-130) 73 degrees,road 12:52, 13:10, 13:31, 13:43, 00:55 (piranhas took the day off. … Continue reading

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blister in the sun

i developed a blister on the bottom of my right foot while running today. On the bright side, it made me play Violent Femmes in my head for the duration. Nothing that a few days off won’t cure … — … Continue reading

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