fading away

But lately this old dog
Has been chasing his tail
Round and round and round
And the circles in my mind
They have been winding slowly down
Everybody’s breezing up
But I’m seizing up
I’m freezing up
And I’m fading away
— james taylor

I ordered new shoes today. Figure i’ll let the guys retire at 1,000.

But if today’s run is any indication, they may outlast me yet.

today’s run (see it here)

  • 3 miles — 39:38 (13:13-134) 2p.m. 76  mile loop
  • 12:55, 13:02, 13:39
  • Piranha-meter — 994 miles

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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7 Responses to fading away

  1. sassafras says:

    bring back the sub 10 . . .

  2. Jenster! says:

    I see what’s going on. You’re trying to throw the squirrels and magic weasels off your scent….

  3. They have certainly exceeded the expected life expectancy. I am not sure your feet will know what to do in new shoes!

  4. exceeded expected life expectancy…that’s not only alliteration, but really redundant. ha =D

  5. SeniorRunner says:

    Freezing up, eh? What you need is a nice little fire to warm you up and make you hot to trot again!

  6. slow ernie says:

    This would make a nice Toyota commercial. Too bad you don’t look more like Lee Trevino.

  7. tosuperstar says:

    I’ll bet on an old dog any day!

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