the day i gave up on cycling

That would be the day I read that George Hincapie, who I’ve always thought was by far the coolest guy in the peloton, admitted that he and Lance Armstrong were swapping EPO and testosterone while teammates.

Yeah, blah blah not official leaked grand jury testimony, but there would seem to be little doubt that it’s true.

I’m thinking Lance will have a hard time explaining why his best pal sold him out. Unless it’s because he was under oath and had to tell the truth. Game over.

Once you get past those stories, the big cycling news for today was “Contador extends lead in Tour of Italy,” followed by “Contador’s fate to be decided by jury June 6-8.”

Forget cycling. I’m going back to a sport I can trust. Pro wrestling.

I was cycling in Canada once when Randy “Macho Man” Savage popped out of a car in our parking lot. I was instantly smitten.

I was working in Atlanta in 1996 when I saw Lance Armstrong ride by on his bike. I was smitten again.

Sad that I read about the demise of both on the same day …

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4 Responses to the day i gave up on cycling

  1. :/ Not happy to hear that.

  2. tosuperstar says:

    I stopped liking cycling the day I read Lewis Grizzard’s book that predicted cyclist would be extinct in one gerneration as a result of the tight shorts they wear. I never liked Pro Rassling since Mad Dog Vachon retired. I need some Vern Gonaya Gera Speed.

  3. SeniorRunner says:

    The day Floyd Landis came clean was the hardest for me. I went from giving MOST of them the benefit of the doubt to giving NOBODY the benefit of the doubt. But, in spite of my revulsion for what these lying low-life cheats have done to the sport, I still get swept up in the excitement of those riders going pell-mell through the glorious French countryside!
    Bring on the Tour de France!

  4. sassafras says:

    I never cared about cycling … that is til Lance started kicking their butts all over the Mountains… he made me care … made me want to watch the tour … I rooted for him to win races … I rooted for him to beat cancer.
    I’ve been duped before … I cried with joy the night Mcgwire hit 63 ..

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