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My life as a baton twirler

He comes roaring into the exchange area in the relay marathon. It’s a hot, humid, why the hell are we doing this kinda day, and he’s pushed himself way beyond his limit. He’s a super-fast guy. Bright red team singlet, … Continue reading

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Mo Sheppo’s Guide to Identifying Native Texas Birds, Part 2

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the day i gave up on cycling

That would be the day I read that George Hincapie, who I’ve always thought was by far the coolest guy in the peloton, admitted that he and Lance Armstrong were swapping EPO and testosterone while teammates. Yeah, blah blah not … Continue reading

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my garmin 110 review, part 2

Longtime readers will recall I have been running with a Garmin 110 since my 305 changed his name to Phil and joined an obscure cult in Pennsylvania. They just don’t make cults like they used to. How do you like … Continue reading

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I signed up for the 4.8 mile leg of a relay marathon, assuring my teammates I was good for five 10-minute miles. Now I find out they apparently meant CONSECUTIVE miles. People really need to be more specific.

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