It’s important to keep running in perspective. Sure, it’s important to get in the daily run, but sometimes life gets in the way. Something comes along that you didn’t expect and it’s impossible to get in the daily miles. Such an event snuck up on me today.

Yes, it was a Gilmore Girls Marathon.

On the down side, by the time it ended it was time to go to work. On the bright side, I successfully completed a marathon with only one week of training.

Oh, well. The Mountain Dew point was too high anyhow.

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3 Responses to priorities

  1. annie runs for fun says:

    Thanks for sharing your training G! Looks like a great first week! I start Pikermi training next week. 16 weeks to 13.1 miles! (I’m not ready for 26.2)
    I think this is a great follow up to our Muskrat Miles.

  2. tosuperstar says:

    Yahoooo, it’s Mountain Dew Point! Maybe the Gilmore Girls Marathon could be our next challenge. Next time I suggest you do the dew point.

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