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Note to self, Part 3

When randomly pulling a T-shirt out of the hamper to wear to the gym, look at the front of the shirt BEFORE you go strolling past a mirror in said gym to discover the large chocolate stain on your chest. … Continue reading

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Waffle run

Longtime readers will recall that 10 minutes is the exact time required to cook waffles without fear of death. As fate would have it, it’s also my hopeful pace for the upcoming Incarnate Word Academy Marathon. Today was a 4 … Continue reading

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My humble prayer

If I have to die in a storm, please don’t let it be in a storm named Don. Amen. Pass the waffles.

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My Debt Crisis solution: Don’t let Lucy buy any more hats

Here’s all I know. 1. We are suddenly excited about The Debt Crisis only because there’s nothing left to report on in the Casey Anthony case. 2. Congressional offices are being inundated with phone calls and emails from constituent who … Continue reading

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Me and my waffle trainers, Part 2

I decide to cook more waffles as a delightful after-work snack. Mo wants me to use the toaster. I point out that they have to cook 10 minutes or I will die. She notes she has made them for me … Continue reading

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Mo Sheppo’s Guide to Identifying Native Texas Birds, Part 5

Most easily identified by his unusual taste in music. We think the exotic musical instrument is brought back from whatever dark, desolate place he goes north to in the winter. Oklahoma, perhaps.

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Me and my waffle trainers

The instructions on my box of waffles are clear. “Oven temperatures may vary, but waffles must be cooked for at least 10 minutes.” I pull them out in 9:30 flat. Why? It just felt good to go sub-10. But mostly, you … Continue reading

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