My Debt Crisis solution: Don’t let Lucy buy any more hats

Here’s all I know.

1. We are suddenly excited about The Debt Crisis only because there’s nothing left to report on in the Casey Anthony case.

2. Congressional offices are being inundated with phone calls and emails from constituent who have no idea what they’re talking about. Absolutely no idea.

3. Today Congress members begin voting on a bill to cut $1 trillion (almost the combined yearly income of the Olsen twins) without having much of a clue what the bill says.

4. It’s all the other side’s fault.

5. Tuesday, the sun will still come up and go down again.  I’ll watch “I Love Lucy” at 4 a.m. after work and wonder why all crises can’t be solved in 23 minutes. Even less if you lock the door to keep the Mertzes out.

If only Ricky Ricardo could be in charge of the Debt Crisis. Then they’d have some ‘splaining to do …

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4 Responses to My Debt Crisis solution: Don’t let Lucy buy any more hats

  1. tosuperstar says:

    I hear the Barenaked Ladies have dedicated a new song to the folks in DC.” If I had a trillion dollars, I’d buy you a monkey, haven’t you always wanted a monkey, If I had a trillion dollars”, (sing along).

  2. tosuperstar says:

    I once bought Chris a K Car, (a nice reliant automobile).

  3. runshorts says:

    I built a treefort in my yard.

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