Note to self, Part 3

When randomly pulling a T-shirt out of the hamper to wear to the gym, look at the front of the shirt BEFORE you go strolling past a mirror in said gym to discover the large chocolate stain on your chest.

And of course this will be the day you bump into the editorial page editor.

Easy 4-miler in the aftermath of 10-mph Wind Don and in anticipation of THE SUNDAY LONG RUN!!!!!

(p.s. i was trying to get mo to watch austin city limits, where some white guys were singing a blues song with the lyrics “i was born in a post-industrial age, i was born in a post-industrial age.” mo was not impressed until we switched to the lyrics “i ain’t had no cat treats all day long.” BK would yowl at the end of each line. who says we don’t know how to have fun on saturday night?)

p.s.s. have i mentioned that i LOVE the new balance minimus road shoes? yes? oh. never mind.

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6 Responses to Note to self, Part 3

  1. gdionelli says:


    • SeniorRunner says:

      How long will he love his new Minimus shoe
      When so recently only Piranhas would do?
      How long will he save that old shirt from the wash,
      When, if Mo had her way, it would be in the trash?
      I suppose you are asking how far he will run,
      To which I will boldly predict 4.1!

  2. tosuperstar says:

    You, Mo and BK really know how to throw a party, I want to hang with ya’all! As for the shirt, with 6 kids, I would have been happy with only one stain, especially if it was chocolate!

  3. slow ernie says:

    I’m not falling for that one again.

  4. Lisa says:

    Geez….. don’t you know that just ONE extra-large Frosty COMPLETELY negates your 4.1 mile run?? and there you go…. just WEARING the evidence 🙂

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