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Pete Rose would be proud

It’s the last inning of Mo’s softball game. Her team is behind 14-5 in a game not as close as the score might indicate. They’re just going through the motions, all too ready for the game to end. The leadoff … Continue reading

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My horrible confession

I never tried heroin as a lad. I suppose I was mildly interested, but I heard too many stories about the rare occasion where someone used it once and got hooked. Never seemed like it was worth the risk. But … Continue reading

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I really, really, really want to be a weather guy

Go down a couple of posts and you’ll see today’s forecast as of one day ago. 97 and sunny! Step outside and you’ll see today’s weather. 79 and a Noah’s Ark thunderstorm. BK won’t be coming out from under the … Continue reading

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Because she’s worth it.

Mo isn’t big on jewelry. Most of her stuff was made by quirky artists and isn’t particularly expensive. So imagine my surprise when she became smitten with a Real Ring. It’s a massive jewel mounted on a gold band. I’m … Continue reading

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We’re going to need a smaller boat

During an outing today to Rockport or Fulton or someplace (since we got the carmin garmin I no longer have to know where we are), we came across a small wood shop where they (gasp) still make things by hand. … Continue reading

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