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Radio Flyer Boy, Part 2

A rivalry seems to be shaping up. The kid on the tricycle is back. He is wearing an aero helmet and a skin suit this week. I had no idea they made titanium Radio Flyers. He has shaved his legs. … Continue reading

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Just stay off my lawn

Email this week from a city editor who works with my brother Rick: “Oh, and speaking of the 70s, Rick brought his 1976 yearbook to work last week. Did you know you both attended ASU at the same time my … Continue reading

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I just got 1,230 songs for free. Sorta. I hope.

I’m listening to Traffic’s live version of “Light up or Leave Me Alone.” Which is no big deal except that at this time yesterday it wasn’t in my music collection. Longtime readers will recall that several years ago my Mac … Continue reading

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Dear Alli:

Second grade never really gets any better, kid. My advice: Skip it, sit in the alley and sing “Texas, Our Texas.” Repeat as necessary. This works. Trust me. Sorry.

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just another morning conversation, part 12

mo: What would you think of someone’s musical taste if they admitted they were a Fanilow? me: What’s that? mo: Someone who loves the songs of Barry Manilow. me: Sure, why not? He wrote the Dr Pepper theme. It’s not … Continue reading

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