Radio Flyer Boy, Part 2

A rivalry seems to be shaping up. The kid on the tricycle is back. He is wearing an aero helmet and a skin suit this week. I had no idea they made titanium Radio Flyers. He has shaved his legs. Or possibly 3-year-olds just aren’t very hairy. Whatever. His mom’s pushing him, so it’s basically two on one. Life is unfair.

1091.32 miles

The weather is finally cooler. A sliver of a moon hangs over the course. The usual mix of people are out walking an trotting. I’m listening to my 1,230 new songs, most of which I have no recollection of buying. I settle into the el senor groove, walking .1 and running the rest. I’m pretty sure I can do this forever.

A stray cat settles into Lane 4 on the back curve. He seems quite at home. Which I guess makes since, given that the long- jump pit bathroom is at the edge of the curve. I’m glad I’m not a long jumper.

Weird coincidence of the day: I realize I didn’t bring Vaseline (harumph, Jenster) just as the Flaming Lips launch into the Vaseline song. I have amazing mind powers that apparently have been untapped till now.

In the end it comes down to me and one woman. As I come up behind her with just the two of us on the track, she panics and runs for her car. She then sits in the parking lot, waiting for me to leave so she can finish her run. But today is a 9-miler, so she’s out of luck. Eventually she drives off, disheartened. I’m so sorry. I blame gdionelli.

Guys who look suspiciously gangish park at the track for a party as I’m finishing mile 9. I’m alone and it’s dark, so this seems like a fine excuse to call it a night. Funny. I had wondered how that woman could become so nervous that she would instantly shut down her run. Now I know. I blame gdionelli.

Much fun. I’m thinking this becomes a Friday night tradition.

Half marathon seems pretty realistic now.

But next week I’m wearing an aero helmet.

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6 Responses to Radio Flyer Boy, Part 2

  1. ERG says:

    Nice run. Glad you felt inspired to do 9. 😉


  2. SeniorRunner says:

    Hey, man, I’m inspired by your progress and uncharacteristic show of optimism, and I’m all fired up to launch my C2P program today, October 1! If all goes well, I’ll still be able to accompany you at the Incarnate Word Pikermi in six weeks.

    That’s in spite of a compressed vertebral disc and a pinched spinal nerve, due largely to a right leg that’s a half-inch longer than the left.

    Glad you’ve stifled some of your “running purity” and adopted a walking component As I see it, that’s our only hope, given the mere six weeks that remain.

    This afternoon, three miles or bust!


  3. Maggynolia says:

    I have nothing productive to offer. I just cracked up several times reading this. Maybe I’m just high on Belgian chocolate.


  4. gdionelli says:

    9 miler. I’m impressed. And it’s all my fault.


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