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Just another race in Portland

You gotta be nuts to go all the way to Portland for a 10k. Nobody ever accused us of sanity. What’s the old saying? If you’re gonna race in Portland, you’re gonna race with the big dogs. Indeed, they were … Continue reading

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Just another Dia de Los Muertos celebration

It’s cold. Brutally cold. A front has just passed through and the temps have plunged into the high 50s. But with the wind chill it feels like the mid-50s. Dangerous to be outside at all. Luckily, I rummage around in … Continue reading

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Mo would not have lasted long as a pioneer

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Things I wish I had said, part 3

“Stop blogging. Start living.” — The most wonderfullest blog in Greenville

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Life is funny, part 347

October 9: I’m reading a story about a guy who died just before the finish of the Chicago Marathon. He was a super-fit firefighter, a hubby and dad, chasing the holy grail of a 3-hour marathon. That’s not the saddest … Continue reading

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Things I wish i had said, part 2

“I am a woman. The dogs are rescues. The tundra is outside of Bethel, Alaska. The day is chill. The sentiment is solid. Find your spot. Occupy it. Even if it is only your own mind.” — Diane McEachern

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More adventures with the Texas Blue Laws

On race instructions: “We will be offering two beers at the finish line for all runners over the age of 21. Due to the Blue Laws, any beer served before noon must be served with food. We will be providing … Continue reading

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