Things I wish I had said, part 3

“Stop blogging. Start living.”

— The most wonderfullest blog in Greenville

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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10 Responses to Things I wish I had said, part 3

  1. sassafras says:

    “get busy livin…or get busy dying” . . . Morgan Freeman


  2. SeniorRunner says:

    OK to preach it. Just don’t practice it!


  3. gdionelli says:

    “I’m bored. Start blogging again.”


  4. Lisa says:

    Not one of your best works hehe… come back, come back… 🙂


  5. sassafras says:

    track club is coming out with new shirts . . . they are looking for something to put on the back . . .

    since you’re the smartest / cleverest person I know … which loosely translates … ask Mo . . . lol
    what’s the best running quote you’ve ever seen . . ? . . if I win I get a free shirt . . . free shirt headed to CC


  6. mosheppo says:

    LOL. we’ve now been saying this all week… sorry it was just ridiculous …prob bec. it was midnite.. but so funny.


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