We have officially completed our Christmas shopping

So we switched gears (what a surprise!) and ended up going to the George West Storyfest 5k.  They had a Red Wagon Parade, for God’s sake. Who could resist that?

Friday night, Mo says, “This race seems really small. I bet there’s no swag.”

Saturday morning (for a mere $20 day of race registration) we find ourselves with:

• Four donuts. Six cups of coffee.

• Neon green race T-shirt

• Handsome finisher’s medal

• 2012 datebook

•  1 water bottle

• 3 koozies  (2 red, 1 green)

• 1 screwdriver (convertible from phillips to straight edge)

• 1 hand sanitzer encased in carrier with clip

•  travel toothpaste, toothbrush and floss

•  large red water bottle

• 1 stick-on desk calendar

• 1 envelope opener

• 1 chewy s’more bar

• 3 pencils

• 2 crappy pens and one fabulous pen (this is mo’s appraisal)

• 1 refrigerator sticker from the chamber of commerce

• 1 piece of peppermint candy

• 1 small notebook pad with an American flag on front

Oh, and they had a race. Super-accurate 5k with accurate mile markers, 2 water stations, the high school cheerleaders and a loop through the cemetery. Did I mention I love this race?

And they had Frito Pie after the race. Lordy, what a state …

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16 Responses to We have officially completed our Christmas shopping

  1. sassafras says:

    I’m running a friggin marathon … and my swag was
    1 brooks jacket .. green … green is not a good color for me
    1 bib
    4 safty pins ..
    ..yup that’s it … not even a bag …

    I’m moving to Texas

  2. sassafras says:

    lol . . Mo’s funny

  3. Jill says:

    I have never received a fridge Chamber of Commerce magnet before…. *sigh*

  4. tosuperstar says:

    All I got was a crumbie tech shirt and a bag of emerald nuts!

  5. Maggynolia says:

    Everything’s bigger in Texas… even our swag

  6. Madiantin says:

    How can you resist those fabulous wagons?
    That’s some good swag right there. Does this mean you now have swagga?

  7. mosheppo says:

    maddyantin! I was just asking about you!!! ha! hulloooo.

  8. Alice says:

    Wow! That is some major swag! I may have I travel to this race next year! Maybe…

  9. nic says:

    where was this race… I am from Tx. this is nicjblcu

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