Never bet on a lost cause

We go to a Christmas Eve candlelight service at a church we’ve never been to before, the Church of Surfing Jesus (I’m not making this up.)

Before passing the collection plate, they say tonight’s money can go to one of their mission efforts if you specify it on the envelope.

They have two missions: One is in Costa Rica. The other is in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma might be a good choice because it helps people near us. But then we consider people in such a godless land are likely a lost cause anyhow.

Mo marks “Costa Rica” on our envelope.

Besides, Costa Rica never beats up on UT’s football team …

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2 Responses to Never bet on a lost cause

  1. tosuperstar says:

    I know if I had to chose a vacation spot it would be Costa Rica over Oklahoma by 3. I can just see the statue in front of that church, Jesus hanging 10, Osom.


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