Just another morning conversation, part 19

mo: Here’s the other weird thought that crossed my mind.

me: You only had two weird thoughts?

mo: I don’t understand why coffee went up almost two dollars since we moved here.

me: supply and demand.

mo: I just don’t get this place. I have to say this is the only place in America where you can be sweaty and cold at the same time.

me: You need a velour sweatsuit.

mo: Make it yellow. I want to look like a detour sign.

me: Done.

As luck would have it, someone actually makes yellow velour sweatsuits. We live in a wonderful time indeed.

From their website: The Juicy Couture brand embodies all that is glam and girlie in casual wear, it lends itself to a relaxed and comfortable way of dressing. Juicy Couture believes in celebrating all the wonderful things about being a girl. They believe that you can definitely “have your cake and eat it too!” Be Happy. Wear Juicy.”

Come to think of it, I would like to be glam and girlie as well. Maybe his and hers suits. Although Juicy Couture sounds like the villian from a James Bond movie.

But please, make mine pie.

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1 Response to Just another morning conversation, part 19

  1. tosuperstar says:

    What is really weird is I am really looking forward to these morning conversations and feel that they are informative and educational. Make my velour sweatuit State Worker Orange please.

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