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‘What the puck’ headline, part 2

I got Slow Ernie’s advice for hockey viewing too late: “Just bodycheck the 10-year-old kid in the next row and then start a fight with his 8-year-old brother. The crowd will love you for it.” But it was much fun … Continue reading

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Just another ‘what the puck’ headline

I’ve been working the late shift lately. Which means that in addition to endless 4 a.m. “I Love Lucy” episodes, I’ve been blissfully slumbering till noon or so. So when Mo came in and asked me “xyfg rrb ffft?” this morning, … Continue reading

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Ode to joy

Life is funny. You get caught up in the day-to-day routine. Ebb and flow, up and down, there’s a rhythm in which you never go too high or too low. It’s not really better to burn out than to fade … Continue reading

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It’s all relative

It’s 4:30 a.m. I’ve been off for a half hour. I’m feeling pretty damn sorry for myself. I worked the crazy late shift putting out the Siberia paper, with mysterious deadlines that stretch into the wee hours. I’m sitting here … Continue reading

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The Hanson training method debunked*

There are no baby pandas on my running course. I guess I’ve known this all along, the sad truth lodged deep in the back of my head in the pile of stuff you don’t want to acknowledge, sitting there with … Continue reading

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