Just another ‘what the puck’ headline

I’ve been working the late shift lately. Which means that in addition to endless 4 a.m. “I Love Lucy” episodes, I’ve been blissfully slumbering till noon or so.

So when Mo came in and asked me “xyfg rrb ffft?” this morning, I have no idea what I replied.

As it turns out, my boss had sent a phone text asking if we wanted free hockey tickets. Mo, who apparently intercepts all my texts in the morning to keep tabs on me, wrote back that certainly we would love tickets thank you very much smiley face.

So we’re going to a hockey game.

I learned everything I know about hockey from a Paul Newman movie in which the Hanson Brothers never once sang “MMM Bop.” In West Texas, we only ice skated in our cars. The only blue line I’ve ever seen is the one running through New York City for the marathon.

But what the heck. Apparently there is a lot of icing involved and I do enjoy my icing.

Go, IceDogs! DevilRays? IceRays? This may be harder than I thought.

Whatever. I just won a beer bet with Mo, who didn’t know Cuba Gooding Jr. once played for the Arizona Cardinals. Maybe she’ll get drunk and start a fight in the stands.

And then we’ll all join hands and sing “MMM Bop” …

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5 Responses to Just another ‘what the puck’ headline

  1. slow ernie says:

    The key to enjoying a hockey game is to lose all inhibitions. Several beers is a help here. Yell insults at the opposing bench. Heckle the opposing goalie. Just pretend you’re at a futurity and rooting for the calves. The more obnoxious you are, the more fun. Tough row for a recluse; I know. Have heart; you will never see these people again. Just follow Mo’s lead.

  2. tosuperstar says:

    To quote Rodney Dangerfield, “I went to a fight once and a hockey game broke out”.

  3. Margarinee says:

    Ich habe hier einen kleinen Blog erstellt und es geht darum, dass
    Margarine ist besser als Butter!
    Viel Spaß beim probieren!

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