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The kindness of strangers

He doesn’t really have an opinion on the large number of strays in the neighborhood. Or whether feeding them makes things better. Or whether catching and killing them is the answer. Or spay/neuter (ow) release. And if that’s not it, … Continue reading

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Road warriors

BK asks, “So where are YOU going to sleep?” Note to self: Always get two beds. Postscript: Over four days, we drove 32.5 billion miles in a place I haven’t been in 30 years and which Mo has never seen. We … Continue reading

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False advertising

mo: This says Big Bend is in the Chihuahuan Desert. me: Yeah. But there aren’t really any Chihuahuas. mo: Oh.

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Warhol wore a toupee, you know …

As we drive into town it takes up an entire wall. “Is this big idea enough?” it begins. A clear signal that this is not just another in a never-ending series of small Texas towns we’ve been plowing through for days. … Continue reading

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Reflections from the road

BK is a traveling cat. She knows the drill. When she arrives at a motel room, she comes out of her carrier warily. Surveying the landscape, she first maps out possible escape routes. Under the bed. Behind the curtains. Open … Continue reading

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