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Things I wish I had said, Part 7

Remember Jami and Anna, celebrity judges for the Moostachio Basheoo? Anna Just turned 5 (maybe?). She and Jami were watching the Academy Awards (you know how those 5-year-olds love their black-and-white French silent movies). But let Jami tell the story … Continue reading

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Why Heart Monitors Suck: An Essay

Under my Training Strategy of the Week, I’ve been running 10-minute miles. My scheme is to get comfy with a 10-minute pace and then expand the number of miles (as opposed to running more miles more slowly). I was up … Continue reading

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The answer: Yes. Rice Chex and soy milk

The question: Is there anything on the planet that doesn’t taste just a little bit better with Stubb’s BBQ sauce added to it? This could add validity to Mo’s theory that I should wash my bowl between meals. But more … Continue reading

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Where artists find their inspiration

Mo is a master of subtlety.  I have no idea what she was trying to tell me. (p.s. yes, we made a chocolate run shortly thereafter. I’m still alive.)

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Signs you’re eating at the right place

We’re standing in line to order. The manager points to the other room and says, “Just go to the bar and get the dirty hippie to take your order.” We walk over to the bar. Mo tells the guy, “The … Continue reading

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The most terrifying words a male can hear

We’re on the boardwalk on our way back from communing with the birds. It was a good day. Lots of skimmers, with one little choreographed dance that makes you remember why watching birds is so much fun. A couple with … Continue reading

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Warning: You’ll be humming the Brady Bunch theme all day

Longtime readers will recall Mo’s tendency to put a red-and-white striped shirt on much of her artwork. Maybe you remember this one (which was featured in the Foster Parent Tool Book!) Or this one (featured on marathon shirts everywhere) Or … Continue reading

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