Just another work conversation, part 23

co-worker: I like your Steve Scott bobblehead.

me: Thanks. What about Casey Colt?

co-worker: Oh, yeah. I like him, too.

me: Hey. What about the Fez Monkey?

co-worker: No. I don’t like monkeys.

me: Oh.

Life’s not easy for a Fez Monkey …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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12 Responses to Just another work conversation, part 23

  1. Madiantin says:

    I agree. Monkeys are freaky. Especially one that looks like it’s gleefully plotting someone’s demise.

  2. slow ernie says:

    Who’s Steve Scott? And why does he have that crazed look in his eyes?

  3. tosuperstar says:

    Personally I wish I had a Dave Wottle Bobble Head. Not only would it bobble it would also Wottle.

  4. Jenster! says:

    Fez Monkey would look a lot nicer if he got his eyebrows waxed into a happier shape. Eyebrows make a huge difference.

    Right now, I wanna steal Fez Monkey’s fez and give it to a mole.

  5. sassafras says:

    I’ll trade you Eric Davis for the monkey

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