Things I wish I had said, Part 7

Remember Jami and Anna, celebrity judges for the Moostachio Basheoo? Anna Just turned 5 (maybe?). She and Jami were watching the Academy Awards (you know how those 5-year-olds love their black-and-white French silent movies). But let Jami tell the story …

A commercial for an animated film came on, and its catchline was, “If you had the power to change your fate, (long dramatic pause) would you?” A few beats later I was surprised to hear Anna say “Yes!”

Ummm… huh. So I waited a second and I said, “Do you even know what ‘fate’ is, Anna?”

And she says: “Fate? No. I thought she said ‘feet.’”

I love this kid. I’m her godstranger, you know …

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4 Responses to Things I wish I had said, Part 7

  1. sassafras says:

    Hoolarious…. I’d change my feet, too
    I’d like mine to be faster

  2. jamicsmith says:

    Faster! now that’s a good idea.

  3. tosuperstar says:

    When is Godstranger Day this year, I need to get mine a card.

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