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A fashion dilemma

A mysterious package arrived today. It’s a race T-shirt from a race in San Antonio. They had run out of shirts and promised to mail me one later. Today was later. The dilemma: It’s for a Jingle Bell Run. And … Continue reading

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Saint Whatever

If you’re ever bored, feel free to drop by and look around on Mo’s computer desktop. She has a million things on it, all fascinating. I just found this: She titled it “Saint Whatever.” Which I guess makes her the … Continue reading

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Just another work conversation, part 23

co-worker: I like your Steve Scott bobblehead. me: Thanks. What about Casey Colt? co-worker: Oh, yeah. I like him, too. me: Hey. What about the Fez Monkey? co-worker: No. I don’t like monkeys. me: Oh. Life’s not easy for a … Continue reading

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Please don’t read this. Thank you.

“I don’t quite understand if you don’t want anyone to see these things why you bother posting them on the Internet at all.” I love fan mail.

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Just another sign I’m a Dedicated Runner

The wind was blowing today at 300 mph. This is NOT an exaggeration. Gusts up to 450. A spectacular, howling gale of a wind that rattled the apartment. Wind advisories scrolling across the screen constantly. Unpleasant women whipping by on bicycles with … Continue reading

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BK, string artist

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Living in a fog

The two crazy homeless guys are flailing away at each other in the dry cleaners parking lot next to work. I think back to when this would have alarmed me. So long ago. Now I’m just picking  a winner as … Continue reading

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