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Just another morning conversation, Part 25

mo: This sounds like a record playing on the wrong speed. me: You say that like it’s a bad thing. note to self: Feed Mo espresso before listening to Y La Bamba …

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Signs you are old and in a small town

1. You win your age group. 2. You’re the only person in your age group.

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Running in the dark

Many people, if wearing their race number on their training run the evening before a race, would look like a dork. Fortunately, I am not one of those people.

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White cake and Matt Damon

I’m on a mission from God. White Cake. Mo has sent me to the store for a little square of white cake with white icing. Mo is a sucker for the white cake. If forced to choose between white cake … Continue reading

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Race swag of the week

This week’s goody bag consists of a Wounded Warrior wristband and a yo-yo. The yo-yo is a huge hit in the house. I was not aware that Mo was a former semi-pro yo-yo-er in a previous life. She is currently … Continue reading

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Beach running is complicated

If you’re running on the beach in a strong wind and you’re swept out to sea, do you count the mileage in which you’re swimming for your life as part of the run total? This sort of thing never happened … Continue reading

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Mo Sheppo’s Guide to Identifying Native Texas Birds, Part 6

The crested caracara is easy to spot because of his bow tie and jaunty hat. Although I personally wouldn’t mind if they became extinct. Because I’ve always like the idea of going along without a caracara in the world …

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