Running Mojo. But not Running Mojojojo.

I finally dragged out the small fanny pack today so I can tote a bit of water. Which means: The Triumphant Return of the Trail Monkey!

Yes, you should be impressed with my high-tech water bottle.

Sure, he’s a little peeved that our “trail” is an asphalt loop around the neighborhood with an occasional quarter on the dirt track when the Incarnate Worders take a break. But still, it’s better than sitting in the dark with the rest of the fanny packs, so he was pretty excited.

I added the Dia de Los Muertos skeleton guy we picked up at last year’s celebration (he has a jaunty hat!) and proudly showed Mo. She took on the same expression that moms get when kids display their Cat Box Brownies.

“You can’t do that,” she said.

I was stumped.

As it turns out, she had a similar skeleton in the car when it got nailed in the parking lot by some nice person who forgot to leave a note. AND the skeleton was in the car when the transmission computer went on vacation.* She took it out of the car, and nothing bad has happened since. Therefore, Dia De Los Skeletons are bad mojo. As opposed to good Monkey Mojo.

Harmless trinket or embodiment of all that is evil? Could you really pick up the embodiment of all that is evil at a downtown block party? Other than possibly a Dick Cheney Smells Funny bumper sticker?

I don’t get it, but what can you do? I took it off.

The Trail Monkey and I had a great run. No woes.

And Mo? She had to shut down early because of a tight hammy. It’s been bugging her since.

The  moral: It’s bad to cross Mo. But it’s worse to cross a Dia de Los Skeleton. But a Dia de Los Skeleton won’t slip cadmium into your meatloaf. I’m pretty much screwed.

Could be worse. Could be Friday the 13th …

p.s. In a somewhat related note, I am haunted by the memory of the Ultramaraton de Panama, a 50 miler in which we ran through a rain forest at night only to find a dead monkey on the road. A DEAD MONKEY WHO TODAY WOULD LOOK VERY MUCH LIKE THE DIA DE LOS SKELETON IF HE WERE MUCH, MUCH SMALLER AND WEARING A JAUNTY HAT!!!

Sorry. I’m watching a particularly dull episode of the first Newhart series and he’s parading about in his jammies. I need distractions.

*I can’t recall whether the skeleton was in the car the day we poured the pint of bbq sauce down the shifter.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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4 Responses to Running Mojo. But not Running Mojojojo.

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Running at night in a rain forest in Panama….it is lucky all you saw was a dead monkey on the road! There are too many critters in a rain forest at night for me. I am a chicken.

  2. Madiantin says:

    Oh my gosh that monkey is the cutest thing!
    I hope Mo figures out how to calm the bad mojo.

    In other news, one of my favourite characters on the PowerPuff Girls was Mojo Jojo.
    Also, the DH works with a chap called Mojo.

  3. Jenster! says:

    Now I feel horrible. I’ve never taken the penguin for a run!

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