Just another conversation with the florist

shirley: Hi. This is Shirley Floral. You placed an order with us and I just have a couple of questions.

me: OK.

shirley: We’re in San Angelo, but your delivery address says Washington.

me: Um, no, it should be Texas. The T and W are kinda close on the keyboard.

shirley: Oh. Also, the name on the card is rbear. I just wanted to make sure that’s what you meant.

me: Oh, yeah. It’s short for Rare Bear. That’s what Ma calls me. That’s probably more than you wanted to know.

shirley: Also, you spelled the other name Mandee. Is that’s right?

me: Yes. She can never decide whether to spell it Mandy or Mandi, so I went with a compromise.

shirley: Ah, I see. OK, we’ll get those right out.

me: Thanks.

I’m pretty sure I will be blocked out of Shirley Floral’s website forever …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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4 Responses to Just another conversation with the florist

  1. tosuperstar says:

    What a kind gift for your mother rbear.

  2. gdionelli says:

    That’s OK – I’ve actually had a florist refuse to use my name (unisex middle name) and my husband’s name (nickname) on a card. Guess there are a lot of frazzled Shirleys in the floral world.

  3. Jenster! says:

    Rare Bear? Too much blood. I prefer Medium Rare.

  4. Madiantin says:

    Awww. Rare Bear.

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