Signs you’re going to have a lousy relay race

Is there bus service to leg 5? Yes!

I would point out that the distance from the parking lot to the start of leg 5 is approximately 8 feet. I’m guessing you just get on the back of the bus, walk through, get out on the front of the bus and there you are.

Will the buses pick me up to return?

No. There is no bus service to take you back. However, carpooling with your fellow teammates is encouraged. Have a plan.

Um, if I had a carpool, wouldn’t I just use it to get to the start of Leg 5 in the first place? 4.3 miles from the car and every vehicle on the road will be heading the opposite direction. I suppose my plan is to run 8.6 miles. I’m starting to remember why I never much cared for relays …

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