Worth the Waits

My choices for the day:

A: Continue listening to Tom Waits’ “Nighthawks at the Diner.” Break into Mo’s Corona stash. New lime!  Let Tom lull me into an afternoon nap on a warm afternoon.

B: Put on uniform, go to work, produce Wednesday edition of newspaper. Make head hurt. No lime.

Being an adult sucks.

See you in the wee hours, Tom. Save me a Corona …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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5 Responses to Worth the Waits

  1. Madiantin says:

    Being an adult sucks.

  2. tosuperstar says:

    Sorry Tom, seems like I have heard that at my house a time or 2 myself. Have a nice night at work.

  3. Running Nole Fan says:

    Speaking of the waits…I’m commenting on this for the sole purpose of going ahead and getting rid of the hassle of “waiting moderation.”

    I would have chosen the Corona. That’s why we have vacation days!!

  4. dr pangloss says:

    as the ghost of Gene Krupa says – Tom is best in the wee hours. Enjoy!

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