Just another sign Mo is becoming a Real Texan

She has dropped Dr Pepper in favor of the hard stuff.

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12 Responses to Just another sign Mo is becoming a Real Texan

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Hey, that should be the offical drink of Husker Nation.


  2. I believe any questions as to who will control the official rights can be settled quickly with this Wikipedia snippet: “In 2007, Big Red Ltd. was purchased by Gary Smith with the backing from Citigroup Venture Capital and Goldman Sachs. Gary Smith now serves as the Chairman and CEO of Big Red and All Sport, Inc.”


  3. mosheppo says:

    some people are texan. the rest of us just try to be. my hair is even trying to be big.


  4. theboojer says:

    It’s delicious and different – it says so right on the bottle.

    Funny thing – in a conversation with some co-workers yesterday I mentioned Big Red and not one person knew what I was talking about. I guess it’s a Southern thing? Which leads me to one of the most annoying things about living in Montana – they call soda “pop”. It makes me shudder every time. Don’t they know all soda is “Coke”?


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