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Things I wish I had said, Part 14

There’s a werewolf out on my front lawn and he’s looking pissed off and he’s wet  from all the rain. I think I’ll go say hi, and offer him a beer … — bob schneider

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Settling the argument: Would Jesus drive a Chevy or Ford?

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SoM Day 2 — bird rescue at 4 mph

It’s never a good sign when a baby bird is blocking your lane. But that’s where I find myself on the first lap. He’s tiny. Just sitting there with his little feathers all ruffled up, oversized beak poking the ground. Lost. … Continue reading

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Sign you’re having a Good Hair Day

Your wife laughs every time she looks at you.

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SoM Day 1

Well, I tried. But I couldn’t do it. I attempted to download Hendrix’s Woodstock version of the national anthem so I could play it at the track before beginning the first run. But iTunes doesn’t believe I’m me, if indeed … Continue reading

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