Things I wish I had said, Part 16

But it’s your life
You can decorate it
As you like

— Ben Folds

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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5 Responses to Things I wish I had said, Part 16

  1. tosuperstar says:

    I’ll have mine with sugar on top.

  2. Madiantin says:

    Sometimes the decorations you want either refuse to participate or are too out of reach. Then what? It’s hard to decorate with unfulfilled desires. They taste like puce and droop sadly.

    • Madiantin says:

      In other news, the prickly teen likes Ben Folds. Saw him in concert with a big orchestra and was blown away.

      • but he’s a stinkin’ piano player. riff-raff.

      • Madiantin says:

        I asked the prickly teen if he had any reply. He made a “nnyyaaahh I don’t care whatever” sneer face. It conveyed a great deal of sentiment and was most expressive.
        We are currently waiting in the DMV for him to take his driver’s permit. He is nervous. The wait is interminable. He is muttering homicidal thoughts under his breath. I overheard the words “stab” and “esophagus”. I’m rather impressed that all you got was an expressive sneer. He does them rather well.

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