Celebrity sighting at the track

Sure, I live in Texas. Yes, we’re only four hours from Austin.

But I would never expect a seven-time Tour de France champion to show up on my humble track. I guess because he’s in training for the Kona Ironman, he’s looking for a desolate spot to train. And there’s no place more desolate than the Incarnate Word Adademy track at noon in summer.

He’s using the pseudonym that doubles as the name of his coffee shop in Austin these days, but how could you not recognize him.

Right there, in Lane 3 of my little cinder track:

Mr. Juan Pelota!!!!!!!!!

He’s still looking a little round in the middle, but I’m sure that’ll burn off as training gets more serious. And for the record, yes, there was a needle nearby. But it was just so he could get pumped up with air. No, I don’t know if they guy pumping him up was named Ferrari. Stop doubting, you doubter.

I would’ve offered to buy him a beer afterward, but I fear he’s contractually obligated to drink Michelob Ultra.

Good luck in the race, Juan! Hope the track helped. And let me know when it’s ok for you to drink Shiner again …

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7 Responses to Celebrity sighting at the track

  1. SeniorRunner says:

    Methinks you and Juan both should spend a little less time in the hot Texas sun…

  2. The best part of my being stationed in San Angelo was Shiner Bock. I’d rather pay for a Shiner than get a free Mich ultra.

  3. pale_runner says:

    I run on town lake in Austin quite often and I am sure I have ran past many a celebrity but I couldn’t tell since I don’t wear my glasses. But I have seen Mr. Armstrong once. And probably his ex-wife Kristin as well but again, when you are all hot, red and sweaty do any of us really look like ourselves?

  4. pale_runner says:

    Ahhh, so. Yes but he is also not his spry self anymore.

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