And then one day he became a New Balance guy

Yup, I hung up the Piranhas in favor of the NB 110s. Beats me why. Mostly because they have a rock plate. What’s the deal with the shoes, Daddy-O, the hep cats ask. They have a rock plate, I reply. We all nod knowingly, not sure at all what that means. Here they are.

You can’t actually see them, because none of the lights in our humble abode seem to work. The fine line between rabid environmentalism and shoddy electrical wiring. But trust me, they’re in there somewhere.

They survived their first test today, that being a Ventura, Calif., edition. Normally I would break them in with Kitsap or maybe a San Angelo first, but I’ve been designing pages in the NB Minimus road shoe for a while, so I was fairly confident.

Initial review: I like them. It was a hectic day because apparently a team in their neighborhood named the Kings were playing something called “hockey” (beats me) and won. They got a Stanley Cup although it did not appear to be particularly flat and I could never actually make out Stanley. (On hindsight, one likely should not use “Flat Stanley” and “make out” in the same sentence.)

They must be pretty grippy because I kept falling down. And not once was I bothered by a rock. Did I mention they have rock plates? (nod knowingly here.)

Anyhow, I’m thinking this will be the shoe of choice for the Savoy Truffle Run. Or at least I’ll wear them to the Kings Parade. Maybe they’ll have pineapples …

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2 Responses to And then one day he became a New Balance guy

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Chewin on a piece of grass, walking down the road, tell me, how long ya going to stay here Joe.

  2. SeniorRunner says:

    I hear you talkin’, but I’m not convinced. You’ve strayed before, but you’ve always dug them out of the compost pile and begged their forgiveness.
    Anyway, the pic proves nothing. I see someone wearing a too-tight denim tube and bedroom slippers in a too-dark speakeasy.

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