Asics Fuji Racer vs. Starbucks Coffee Mug

The Asics Fuji Racers, the latest entry in the Great Trail Shoe Derby, arrived in the mail yesterday. Coincidentally, we picked up a new Starbucks mug in San Antonio over the weekend (thanks to our pal TO, who had given Mo a Starbucks gift card she was saving for the perfect occasion. This was it).

We thought: Why not put them to the test? Which is better?

Mo’s theory is that people get too wrapped up in the intricacies of shoe design. Yes, the Fuji is light and retains the feel of the Asics road racing shoes. Rock plate? Sure. Smattering of gel for cushy feel? I suppose. Toe guard, heck, yeah. 6mm drop? Whatever. Snug heel wide forefoot zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mo says the real test is whether it will hold coffee. Sadly, the Fuji has a series of holes in the sole designed to allow water to drain out while running. But this also allows coffee to drain out while drinking.

The Starbucks cup, on the other hand, retains its coffee for hours on end. Which is much longer than Mo, who retains her coffee for about 15 minutes.

Plus, the Fuji has no handle. Try drinking coffee while holding your cup by its shoelaces.

Winner: Clearly, the Starbucks mug is the preferred choice for serious runners. But if you want a purple shoe to finish off your Barney the Dinosaur costume, the Fuji is worthy of your consideration.

Mostly, Mo would like to thank Superstar for her new mug. And I would like to thank God that Mo didn’t find out I had already run in the Fuji before she tried drinking coffee out of it.

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5 Responses to Asics Fuji Racer vs. Starbucks Coffee Mug

  1. madiantin says:

    Ya can’t go wrong with purple.

  2. mosheppo says:

    dear superstar:: the new stawbucks mug is like christmas. my mug makes me so happy. thank you thankyou thankyou.
    smiley face goes here> 🙂

  3. gdionelli says:

    Why would the creator of THE CoffeeCat mug need a Starbucks mug?

  4. oh, you know. you can take the girl out of the Pacific Northwest, but …

  5. tosuperstar says:

    Mo, you are quite welcome. I may have to get purple shoes, my relay team of which I am the Captain is call Barney, (that be me) and his Draggin Butts Runners. The purple shoes may be the offical team shoe!

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