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The morning after The Great Cheesecake Disaster of 2012

mo: Is that cheesecake on your toes? me: Um, yeah, I guess so. mo: Did you sleep with that on your toes, or did it get on them this morning? me: Which would get me in less trouble? mo: This … Continue reading

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Family portrait, part 4

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Just another morning conversation, Part 26

me: These shoes have rubbed a hole in my ankle. mo: Ugh. It’s totally infected. What are you going to do? me: Walk with a limp. mo: I sort of hate you. Mo’s next hubby likely will not be allowed … Continue reading

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I visited the Times-Picayune newsroom once many years ago. The ex and I were in New Orleans for the marathon, and a former colleague was working there. We got the obligatory tour. I don’t remember much about it, which is not … Continue reading

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New Balance 110 review, part 3

I sit admiring the stylish splash of red on the heel of the shoe. Moments later I realize it’s blood. Bright side: The rock in my shoe totally distracted me to the point that I didn’t feel my heel rubbing. … Continue reading

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