And don’t get me started on Frito Kahlo

me: My burger has Fritos on it.

mo: Eeeeeew.

me: Let’s switch! I’ll eat your fish and you can have my burger!

mo: Ick. This burger tastes like a funnel cake.

me: I’m glad you like it!

mo: I’ll need the rest of your beer to finish this.

me: Deal!

And so I was saved from a Texas burger by an Oregon beer. They’re gonna be knocking at the door to pick up my Texas Card any minute now …

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5 Responses to And don’t get me started on Frito Kahlo

  1. Running Nole Fan says:

    What was the beer? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Black Butte Porter. Deschutes Brewery. Made without Fritos.

    • Running Nole Fan says:

      I have not had the pleasure of trying one of those. But, it rates very, very highly! You have fine taste in beer, sir. Might be perfect if it had some Fritos.

  3. Running Nole Fan says:

    Oh, and it was recently announced that Bernadette Peters would be performing locally in February. When I read it, I couldn’t get the Hoka One One Mufata Bernadette Peters trumpet title out of my head. I’m broken. 🙂

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