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I miss Akbar and Jeff

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I am broken. Should have saved the receipt.

Mr. Pants says I cracked a rib or two in the recent spill. It’s not so bad unless I move or breathe or cough or sneeze or lie down or do the limbo wearing my Carmen Miranda hat. Googling seems … Continue reading

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And don’t get me started on Frito Kahlo

me: My burger has Fritos on it. mo: Eeeeeew. me: Let’s switch! I’ll eat your fish and you can have my burger! mo: Ick. This burger tastes like a funnel cake. me: I’m glad you like it! mo: I’ll need … Continue reading

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A matter of priorities

It’s about eight hours after The Great Face Plant of 2012 when I sneak away from work for dinner with Mo. I tell her my story as we eat at Subway. Chest crushed, knee with a divot, back feels like … Continue reading

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Things I wish I had said, Part 18

“This course changes personality for each section and can be fun – depending on your personality/disposition ie: during tough times – do you laugh or cry? That answer seasons everything else.” — Joe Prusaitis

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Trail run tip no. 1: Don’t wear your Shuffle on your chest

I’m running along the bay trail. Wearing the Nathan vest that makes Mo laugh and avert her eyes. Capn Carl shirt, NB110s, Shuffle blaring, hr in a good place. I am a studly runner. Then. Disaster. My shoe catches on … Continue reading

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Smith Boys in their natural environment …

… a mosaic Volkswagen

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