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We’re in the Cost Plus House of Things Made in China to Look Like they Were Made in India looking for a steamer. Because nobody makes fake bamboo imports like Cost Plus.

But first we stop by the furniture nook to admire the leather recliners. I am in a continuing battle to replace our couch with two recliners. I contend we could become Joey and Chandler. Mo, a traditionalist, doesn’t seem particularly eager to become either one of them and won’t budge. Luckily, they’re gone anyhow. The recliners, I mean. I am not sure as to the whereabouts of Joey and Chandler.

And then, there it is.

It looks exactly like an easel. Large, wood, vertical with two horizontal mounts like you would have for holding a canvas. But it’s made as a stand for a big-screen TV. (I don’t realize it till Mo points out the large cardboard big-screen TV attached to it. Mo is very smart.) Underneath, where normally little paint-holding things would be, are little TV accessory holder things. It’s magnificent. The perfect mounting device for our big-screen TV. This is a must-have item for an arteest abode. I have no idea how we’ve gone this long without. Screw the recliners.

We must have this, I exclaim.

One problem, Mo says.

Which is? I ask.

We don’t have a big-screen TV, she says.


I bet Van Gogh felt exactly like this before his demise.

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