Life’s Great Mysteries: A Photo Essay

I run on a sidewalk that parallels a straight road. The sidewalk is straight as well. Except when it’s not.

Sometimes it zigs like this.

Sometimes it zags like that.

For absolutely no reason. Which is driving me insane.

I stopped during my run yesterday to see if maybe there’s some reason for it to swerve. A small water main or gas outlet or endangered turtle refuge area or something. But no.

Was the sidewalk poured by a drunken Zamboni driver (it’s well known that Zamboni drivers can’t hold their liquor) or an arteeeeeeest who refused to be bound by standard layout practice? (Although arteeeeests definitely can hold their liquor. And mine.)

I now dread this route, knowing it will force my mind into high gear. And my mind always makes a loud screeching noise when it’s in high gear. Just ask my co-workers.

And don’t get me started on whether the yellow stripe means you’re not allowed to pass on the path …


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