In search of a puddle

The Prophet George Sheehan said it best in “Running & Being”:

“And so my fitness program succeeded because it was absurd.

“It was nonsense for someone my age to decide to become an athlete. Purely preposterous to concentrate the intensity and involvement that I once felt for the life of a physician into the life of the distance runner. Ridiculous to make running my vocation and medicine my avocation.

“But then my fitness program was never a fitness program. It was a campaign, a revolution, a conversion. I was determined to find myself. And in the process found my body and the soul that went with it.”

I think that’s the thing to remember. To make it work, it CAN’T be a fitness program. It has to be something more. Something deeper. Something real.

I haven’t been feeling it lately. Maybe I’m tired or distracted or bored or in the throes of an Evil Squirrel Voodoo Curse. But I need to shake it. To get back to playing.

Today, I’ll land in a puddle, or maybe the Gulf of Mexico. I’ll run too hard for too far and laugh as I try not to barf. I’ll run for the purity of the run, and not for some preconceived notion of needed training. As Dr. Sheehan said it best, I’ll play. Because if we’re not playing during our run, what really is the point?

And in the end, my fitness program will succeed. Because it’s absurd. If it was good enough for the good doctor, it’s good enough for me.


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