4 miles (13:34)

Last night was a shift designing the Ventura paper, so I didn’t get off work till 4 a.m. “I Love Lucy” marathon till about 6 a.m. (note to self: don’t paint the interior walls just before dumping a bunch of feathers on a table and turning on a fan. whodathunk?)

So not too inspired today. Luckily Mo came up with the formula. Cheese sandwich, two brownies, espresso. If she can cram that into a GU package, we’re rich.

Four miles at the gym, doing the Rocky Rumble. Just punching the clock. On the bright side, I definitely had another 96 miles in me. Piece o’ cake. Or brownie.

On an odd side note, the gym guys have decided Mo’s name is Yolanda. I am Switzerland, so I guess it’s OK by me. Yo for short, I suppose. And now her mom will be Yo Mama. I’m not sure the gym people have thought this through …

4 miles,tm (70)
54:19 (13:34)
13:27, 13:38, 13:39, 13:34

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