How young is too young?

M wants her niece to run her first race. She worries about the high obesity rate of today’s youths and wants to encourage her to begin a lifetime of fitness as early as possible.

On the one hand, I applaud her sentiment. And I love to see kids at races. But I’m skeptical.

See, she’s only about 6 weeks old. She can’t run yet. She can’t even walk. Or crawl. I’m not even sure she knows how to projectile vomit. How can you run a 5k if you don’t know how to projectile vomit? (full disclosure: M assures me babies come out of the womb already having mastered the art of projectile vomiting. which raises the question: babies come out of the womb? there goes my stork theory.)

On the other hand, I suppose she would clean up in the 3 months and under age category. And there’s much to be said for a clean baby …

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