4 miles (12:40)

Lance Armstrong shamed me into going faster.

Yeah, yeah, not him. But I just started the livestrong nutrition tracker.I learned two distressing things.

1. The McDonald’s Fudge Sundae may not be as healthy as they would lead you to believe.

2. They say that anything slower than 12-minute pace is “walking.” ARRRRGGH!!!!

So rather than stick with my Sane and Logical approach, I ran the first two miles at 12-minute pace, the third at 12:30, and the fourth at “ohmygodican’tbelieveiranthefirsttwoat12-minutepace” pace.

But not so bad. Ran along the beach. 82 degrees so a nice, semicloudy day. Woman pushing twins and a Chihuahua. Fun.

Thanks, Lance. I needed that kick in the running shorts. Sorry about that usada thing …

4 miles,b2bl, 1:30 p.m. (82-59, 139)
50:46 (12:40)
11:46m 11:57, 12:32, 14:24

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