Almost a Wilco song if you squint

This is our cat. Her name until yesterday was Baby Kat. Or BK. Or maybe Polly. I lose track.

But now her name is Sky Blue. Because she’s gray. It came to Mo last night in a vision, and visions are not to be trifled with. Yes, Mo’s visions generally come after too much Mexican food. Which doesn’t explain why her new name isn’t Cielo Azul. Or maybe Mi Tio Boni. But then it wasn’t my dream. What do I know? No se.

I don’t think our cat much cares for it. Not that she ever responds to a name anyhow, being a cat and all. But I’m guessing she has several names for me I wouldn’t care for either.

And she still prefers it to her other names, “Time for a Bath” and “With 825 Places to Sit, Why Must You Choose MY Chair?”

I just hope Mo doesn’t have a dream tonight that establishes my new name as Cumquat. Mostly because I have no idea how to spell Cumquat. Oh, well. Cumquat may …

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