My city hates Garmins

So I’m meandering down the alley from the apartment to the Baptist church that leads to the running trail when I come along this ominous marking.

Yes, my city appears to have banned GPS devices in this neighborhood.

I don’t know why with any certainty, but it could be the two-story birdhouse that lives nearby. Maybe birds become disoriented by GPS, in the same way that your 737 will crash if you use your phone during flight? Or is there something in the Old Testament that bans Garmins? Thou shalt not obsess over hundredths of miles? False idol? Beats me. I’m a little rusty on my proverbs. (Was little Rusty the kid who hung with Rin-Tin-Tin?)

Whatever. I just pretended not to see the warning and kept going.

So if you see a totally disoriented flock of gulls passing by wherever you are, please pass along my apologies. And assure them God will be waiting for me at the Pearly Gates to snatch my watch at the door. I hope they have chip timing in heaven …

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