Nobels and hell’s bells

If all running blog posts features photos of folk singers in oversized cowboy hats, the world would be a better place.

Mo won the Nobel Prize for literature today. Which struck me as odd because she doesn’t even look Chinese. Although she does enjoy a good eggroll now and then.

We celebrated by going to the gym and running on the treadmills. We’re not really party people.

I’ve settled into the Rocky Rumble, alternating three-minute jogs at 12:45 with two-minute walks at 15:00. It’s easy and feels like I could go forever. Forever, of course, being 50 miles or so. Or until I go insane watching Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith yammering. No, there is not a Nobel Prize for yammering.

Today was the 666 Tebow controversy. 666th Monday night futbol game, Sanchez rating 66.6, blah blah wings special at Papa John’s for $6.66. Whatever. As long as it’s not Lance-related, I like it.

My four miler didn’t magically turn into 6.66 miles at a 6.6 mph pace, so I think I’m safe. Off to wait for our Nobel Prize money to come in the mail. Or at least an eggroll …

4 miles, tm, 1 p.m.  (70)
52:39 (13:09)
12:50, 12:47, 13:31, 13:29

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