Things I wish I had said, Part 20

“Winning is about heart, not just legs. It’s got to be in the right place.”

— Lance Armstrong

Downside: I’m bummed by the whole Lance thing. It’s hard to lose a hero. This is just like when we found out Santa was actually our weird uncle and that life ISN’T really fair and the moon landing was actually done on the same TV set as “The Wonder Years.” Which probably explains Daniel Stern doing the voiceover for Neil Armstrong.

Upside: In reading the report, it mentions an excerpt from the Sally Jenkins book about how Floyd was the world’s biggest ZZ Top fan and would constantly crank them on the tour bus, to the point that Heras would scream for mercy. “No more ZZ Top,” he finally pleaded. No more.”

I’m listening to the first album now. How could Roberto not embrace this? Just say no to drugs, kids.

And God bless Texas.

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